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We are pleased to announce that we are accepting orders for V45 & V65 Magna and V45 SuperMagna reproduction side covers at this time. 

As scheduled our first batch of V65 & V45 covers is packed and shipping on or about 6/15/2019.  Thank you to all who ordered in advance. You will receive an email with tracking info.  
Covers are being packed well for domestic and international transport.  

Next batch of covers is in production, V45 , V65 , SuperMagna. Target ship date is 7/15/2019 or sooner.  

These are cast resin and primed with automotive grade primer ready for prep, paint and finish. 

They are one piece castings, complete with (3) mounting posts cast in.   [ We suggest installing new rubber gromets so you keep your NEW side covers attached securely. ]

International shops /  Resellers,  YES,   you can speak with us and place a bulk / volume order.   Please use the contact us link at the bottom of the page. 


YES  We will be producing other Magna parts , Gen 1 Shock Caps , Handle Bar riser cover ,  Etc. 
YES  We can offer custom paint  BUT it is $$$ as we are not set to do volume.  
YES  We will be offering other Magna service and repair parts.   [ EZ Button for Magna owners who want the "right"  parts  from a single source ] 

Need Magna, Sabre or Interceptor Carb service or parts ?  Please visit our sister website  billysoutback.com  Billy and Dana will take great care in helping you get your V4 running right.
Carb service, Carb rebuild kits, Wire Sets, Sight glass kits, Carb screw kits, Alt / Clutch Screw kits, Thermostats kits, and most importantly TECH Support. 

More Questions ?   Please use the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page. 

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